Keep in mind: This page contains side results information for the universal medicine ezetimibe. It is feasible that several of the dose types consisted of here might not use to the trademark name Zetia.

It is possible that some side results of Zetia could not have actually been reported. These could be stated to the FDA right here. Always speak with a health care professional for clinical guidance.

As its required results, ezetimibe (the energetic element included in Zetia) may create unwanted side effects that require medical focus.

Some ezetimibe negative effects may not need any kind of medical focus. As your body acquires used to the medicine these side effects could vanish. Your healthcare expert might be able to help you avoid or lower these negative effects, but do consult them if any one of the complying with side results proceed, or if you are worried concerning them.

Gastrointestinal negative effects including diarrhea (3.7 %) and also stomach discomfort (3.0 %) have been reported. Pancreatitis as well as nausea have actually additionally been stated in postmarketing experience. [Ref]

A situation of ezetimibe-induced acute pancreatitis occurred two weeks after launching treatment. Following discontinuation of ezetimibe the individual's symptoms settled as well as pancreatic enzyme degrees stabilized. [Ref]


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